Intervista a Kyle Cooper, vincitore del Vision Award Ticinomoda

Mr. Cooper, the Vision Award Ticinomoda pays tribute to movie professionals regarding their creative work behind the scenes. In that regard, designing opening credits puts you on the front line: how much of a responsibility do you have in the position?

I believe I am responsible for giving credit to the artists who work on the film. That is the utilitarian aspect of my job to recognize the individuals dedicated to bringing a film to life. I believe I also have a chance, and yes a responsibility to actually help create the beginning of the film. I feel like the Se7en credits did that. Main titles should seamlessly dovetail with the existing film’s visual language, set the tone and ideally, significantly enhance the way the film opens. You are in the theater, the lights go down, you are settling into your seat, the opening credits have a chance to set the tone at this moment and draw you in, and get you involved emotionally and make the audience feel like there is nowhere else in the world they would want to be, than involved in this story, at this moment. I feel responsible to try to do this each time I work on an opening sequence. Even if the credits happen at the end of the movie we still have a chance to set the tone that the people will leave the theater with. We could have them dancing out of their seats if we do it right. I feel responsible for always trying to set the emotional tone for a film with the credits and even telling whatever backstory is required with the credits. Consistent creativity is challenging but I take the responsibility very seriously. Each film is different and I also feel responsible to have whatever I do, be consistent with the movie that the director is making and not have the credits be a self indulgent stand alone thing. If the credit sequence needs to not call attention to itself because that is what the film calls for that is fine as well. The credits are part of the movie and need to be judged in that context and not try to upstage the scenes to follow. Sometimes I have even been asked to have credits be exciting because the first reel of the film is more expositional and slower. Each film is a different design challenge.


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